Author: Edvard Grieg

10 great presents for coffee drinkers

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world after water, and this says pretty much everything about its miraculous powers. It is so popular that it even has its own museums in plenty of touristic destinations (Dubai, Prague, Ping Huang or Sankt Petersburg), and its own International Coffee Day celebrated on October 1st.

It is easy to fall for this amazing beverage as it comes in countless forms and flavors and represents pretty much the only legal way to boost your energy throughout the day.

Coffee is also called the “love drink” as millions of children were conceived after their parents went out “for a coffee”. So, being a caffeine enthusiast seems like the norm nowadays, especially with thousands of coffee shops selling countless flavors, spices, and types of coffee.

If you want to take your love for caffeine to another level or plan on making your friend happy, here are some of the coolest things you can give to a coffee enthusiast.

A selection of the most renowned types of coffee

There are at least 1,000 different coffee types, so it is best to start young if you want to experience as many as possible. So what could be a more thoughtful gift for your coffee passionate friend if not a selection of the rarest and finest types of coffee across the globe? These come packed with the perfect birthday present and resemble the mini-selection of perfumes you usually find in a duty-free zone.


A coffee subscription

Some of the world’s biggest coffee roasters in the world offer an excellent subscription service for a fair amount of money. The idea behind this cool project is that you pay a monthly subscription or a certain fee, and the company will deliver to your doorstep each month, on a preset date, a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Some of these retailers also include small souvenirs or treats that go with your coffee, and the coolest thing is that each month you will receive a new type of this delicious beverage.


A portable espresso machine

If you don’t want to spend half of your monthly salary on daily trips to the coffee shop, you can invest in an espresso machine or a coffee maker, and enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the comfort of your own home.

I suggest opting for machines that work both on coffee beans and coffee pods so you could enjoy a wide selection of coffee-based beverages, depending on your mood.

The Breville brand is worldwide renowned for offering good products at affordable prices, so if your friend is not too picky, you can start with an item from this brand.


Travel thermos

Last but not least, another cool product you can offer as a gift is a travel thermos. Those who are constantly in a hurry or avid travelers who still want to enjoy their cup of coffee on the go will be extremely pleased with such an item. A good thermos keeps the coffee warm for up to 12 hours.



DIY storage ideas for your garage


I’m always looking for ways to maximize my living and working space. I enjoy having all of my tools at hand so that whenever I need them, I can reach them with ease. I used to be all over the place, which is to say that I wasn’t really gifted when it came to my organizational skills. Both in my personal and my professional place, I had trouble focusing on the important things that I wanted to achieve.

Fortunately, with age, I became more mature and responsible compared to how I was several years ago. What I ended up doing was buying a house. The coolest thing about turning your garage into a workshop is the way you do it. To an extent, I have to admit and say that I was more excited by what I did to the garage than all the storage ideas I had in the end.


The process began with a sketch of the space. I had a particular area devoted to my car and I was supposed to use the rest for working on my projects. In the beginning, I was feeling a bit baffled as to where all of the space I was missing out on was located. Then, I realized that some of it was on the walls and the rest was on the ceiling.


I don’t know about your garage, but mine doesn’t have any windows, so it’s obvious that I use electrical lights to find my way around the workshop part. Upon realizing this, I ended up building a sliding storage system on the ceiling.


Next up I bought some tracks with hooks. You can get them at your local department store and they aren’t expensive at all. I organized the shelves using plastic boxes that I got at the dollar store. As you can see, I was focused on coming up with storage ideas but I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune. I guess every DIY-er has the same mindset.

A couple of years when I went fishing with some of my friends, I noticed they had PVC rod holders that they had built themselves. So I thought it would be a good idea if I built some sort of storage system for my gardening tools and pretty much any broom, mop, or anything else outfitted with a long handle.


To take it to a whole new level, I started doing a bit of research and came across something I’d always wanted to put together; a hold-everything tool rack. The coolest thing about this project is that it was easy breezy given that I already had the tools for making it.


Cordless power tools you should consider buying

With the constant improvement in lithium-ion technology, there is very little to wonder why you can now use your favorite power tools even far away from an electric socket. Power tool manufacturers are now able to pack portable power tools with a greater amount of voltage, with smaller batteries now able to operate the devices and brushless motors designed to be energy-efficient.

These are the cordless power tools you should definitely pack into your tool arsenal.

Cutting power tools

You can now find a 50-pound cordless table saw on the market. Expect the lithium-ion battery to carry a brick-like configuration. A table saw of this type is a capable cutter equipped with a rack-and-pinion gear fence that ensures an impressive accuracy. High-quality cordless table saws have a backward-compatible battery that goes into the manufacturer’s specific tool line for that voltage rating.

A jigsaw can make any straight or curved cut into steel, wood, plastic, aluminum, or composite material. You want this cordless power tool to carry a blade that is easy to replace with a simple press of the lever.

A cutoff saw is powered by a brushless motor and features a wheel that cuts steel and cast iron. Some models allow you to switch to a diamond-grit wheel and cut concrete using an accessory water tank.

A cordless miter saw is equipped with a pretty large blade of around 10 inches or so along with a powerful motor running around 4,000 RPM to execute crosscutting tasks on 2x12s or 2x6s, or perhaps a piece of 6-inch baseboard in a vertical standing position.

A band saw can come with a decent throat capacity of around 2.5 inches and is attachable to an accessory stand to allow its conversion to a stationary tool.


Drilling, planing, and sanding tools

A cordless drill driver can feature a two-speed gearbox, a versatile chuck, and a multi-position clutch for limiting the torque of the device. The best part? It’s a cordless model, what else?

A cordless orbital sander should ideally feature multiple speed settings that enable you to sand through nearly anything. What’s even better would be if the machine had a long battery life.

A cordless planer needs to be lightweight and equipped with a truly powerful motor that can deliver a high RPM, with some models delivering 14,000 RPM effortlessly. The blade should ideally be solid carbide and the planer should be able to provide a smooth finish on a variety of materials including construction lumber and even a cactus.

An impressive, cordless drill press should have a base-mounted magnet that delivers an exceptional amount of holding force, adequate to keep the unit stable and sturdy on any magnetic surface to serve its purpose quite well. The machine should provide a powerful and flexible hole-drilling capacity.

A good-quality cordless grinder should cut and grind using a top-notch wheel driven by a high-torque DC motor. Look for overload protection and a soft startup for safety by reducing any stalling or kickbacks.

Miscellaneous power tools

You also want a cordless lantern with a strong battery and enough lumens of light for at least two days of illumination. Some units use power-dumping capacity for charging a portable device such as your cellphone, via a USB port.

You need a brushless wet/dry vacuum in your workshop that can double as an upright vac to handle large spaces when a floor tool and nozzle are attached to the machine.

Having some music in the background as you work in the shop would be nice, and a cordless Bluetooth stereo is just the one you need. You want an excellent sound quality from the unit. Some models are able to charge your phone or tablet via a convenient USB port.



What you need to know about magnetic drill presses

When you are into fabrication, you will surely have to perform onsite hole-drilling. You need to devote a lot of thought into getting  a good magnetic drill press for the job. Like any other task, hole-making jobs will need the right tool to ensure smooth and consistent results every time.

Should you need to drill holes but simply can’t take the work to the machine, get yourself a portable, manual-feed magnetic drill. Several sizes and types of magnetic drills are available for contractors and fabricators. Those types of machines carry a variety of features as well.



A basic, portable magnetic drill is quite versatile, which makes it the most popular option. That said, it may not be large or powerful enough for handling heavy-duty drilling tasks such as hole-making into scaly, rusty, extremely hard, or painted workpieces. However, when you need to drill in confined or hard-to-access spots, a portable magnetic drill press is the best option.

A standard, manual-feed, portable magnetic drill press utilizes an annular cutter to do its job. This type of device is available in different sizes, speeds, horsepower ratings, and coolant system options.


Most manual-feed, portable, magnetic drill presses are equipped with a three-handle feed that carries a slide-and-gib system that mobilizes the cutter, arbor, and motor together. Each manufacturer puts in their choice of standard features in their products, which will also influence the price of their devices.

You can also go for a quill-feed, variable-speed magnetic drill press, which is lightweight and yet has a large drilling capacity. This type does not need gib-and-slide adjustments. It comes with a fixed profile that enables an easy fit into a tight, confined spot into which standard drills can’t go.


You can get a fast and smooth feed from the quill feed while making the entire cut, even when you have to drill a deep hole. Some machines have an optional pressurized coolant delivery system just for that specific purpose. The variable speed increases the unit’s tool life. It also works well when using carbide cutters, which need a higher RPM rating compared to standard annular cutters.

A 90-degree, low-profile drill is the best solution when you have to drill in confined spaces under 8 inches in height. A mini-drill comes with a single feed handle and not the regular three-handle feed in the majority of magnetic drill presses. This kind of device also features a great cutter size range. The presence of a quill feed prevents the cutter from moving.

Mini drill presses can run in any spot they fit into. They are a suitable option as well when portability is a must thanks to their lightweight design. You can take a drill press with you when moving up a ladder or around the job site.

A power-feed drill is great for repetitive hole drilling tasks. This type of device delivers consistent hole cutting without causing plenty of user-fatigue. With one operator being able to run two or more drills at the same time, the onsite productivity also greatly improves. As one unit is drilling, another can be set up.

The electronic optimization of the feed rate can help in extending the tool life and also in the creation of higher-quality holes.

A swivel-base drill lets you roughly position the machine and then activate the magnet. You can do the precise positioning of the drill simply by releasing the swivel system to speed up the alignment of the holes.