Cordless power tools you should consider buying

With the constant improvement in lithium-ion technology, there is very little to wonder why you can now use your favorite power tools even far away from an electric socket. Power tool manufacturers are now able to pack portable power tools with a greater amount of voltage, with smaller batteries now able to operate the devices and brushless motors designed to be energy-efficient.

These are the cordless power tools you should definitely pack into your tool arsenal.

Cutting power tools

You can now find a 50-pound cordless table saw on the market. Expect the lithium-ion battery to carry a brick-like configuration. A table saw of this type is a capable cutter equipped with a rack-and-pinion gear fence that ensures an impressive accuracy. High-quality cordless table saws have a backward-compatible battery that goes into the manufacturer’s specific tool line for that voltage rating.

A jigsaw can make any straight or curved cut into steel, wood, plastic, aluminum, or composite material. You want this cordless power tool to carry a blade that is easy to replace with a simple press of the lever.

A cutoff saw is powered by a brushless motor and features a wheel that cuts steel and cast iron. Some models allow you to switch to a diamond-grit wheel and cut concrete using an accessory water tank.

A cordless miter saw is equipped with a pretty large blade of around 10 inches or so along with a powerful motor running around 4,000 RPM to execute crosscutting tasks on 2x12s or 2x6s, or perhaps a piece of 6-inch baseboard in a vertical standing position.

A band saw can come with a decent throat capacity of around 2.5 inches and is attachable to an accessory stand to allow its conversion to a stationary tool.


Drilling, planing, and sanding tools

A cordless drill driver can feature a two-speed gearbox, a versatile chuck, and a multi-position clutch for limiting the torque of the device. The best part? It’s a cordless model, what else?

A cordless orbital sander should ideally feature multiple speed settings that enable you to sand through nearly anything. What’s even better would be if the machine had a long battery life.

A cordless planer needs to be lightweight and equipped with a truly powerful motor that can deliver a high RPM, with some models delivering 14,000 RPM effortlessly. The blade should ideally be solid carbide and the planer should be able to provide a smooth finish on a variety of materials including construction lumber and even a cactus.

An impressive, cordless drill press should have a base-mounted magnet that delivers an exceptional amount of holding force, adequate to keep the unit stable and sturdy on any magnetic surface to serve its purpose quite well. The machine should provide a powerful and flexible hole-drilling capacity.

A good-quality cordless grinder should cut and grind using a top-notch wheel driven by a high-torque DC motor. Look for overload protection and a soft startup for safety by reducing any stalling or kickbacks.

Miscellaneous power tools

You also want a cordless lantern with a strong battery and enough lumens of light for at least two days of illumination. Some units use power-dumping capacity for charging a portable device such as your cellphone, via a USB port.

You need a brushless wet/dry vacuum in your workshop that can double as an upright vac to handle large spaces when a floor tool and nozzle are attached to the machine.

Having some music in the background as you work in the shop would be nice, and a cordless Bluetooth stereo is just the one you need. You want an excellent sound quality from the unit. Some models are able to charge your phone or tablet via a convenient USB port.